Friday, December 3, 2010

On the Road Again!

Over the Thanksgiving break, we found out good news. :)

Elder Preston James Pettersson is going to the MTC on Decemember 29 and is still going Columbus, Ohio.

First we had Thanksgiving at my house with my family and Preston annouced the news to Mallory through skype and Becca and Nate. Missy was told through a phone call! Everyone was so excited. After our Dinner at my house we went to Grandpa Pettersson's house for more Thanksgiving food!

Preston's Grandma heard Preston talking about "something" with everyone at our table and she told everyone that Preston has announcement to make. He stood up and told everyone that he was going back on his mission to Columbus, Ohio and that he was leaving December 29th! Everyone cheered!

His Grandpa went over and talked to him and he said that he was sooo proud of him. I think it hit Preston really hard ;) I looked over at him and he said that he had something in his eye ;)

We went Down Town to see the lights to celebrate :)

He is going to be a wonderful Missionary!

Our prayers go out to you Preston!

We love and we will miss you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweetness :)

So I want all you to know that Preston is doing really good! He was actually sent home in April because of health reasons. That is why you haven't heard much from his mission. But He is doing really well and has a job as an accountant!

He plans to go back to serve the Lord in late January or early February :) I believe that he is actually going to talk to our Stake President in the next week or two. I am so proud of him. He is such a great example. I am so grateful that he is doing so well. At first, it was really rough but he has grown so much. He is so happy and loves this gospel. It has been a long road, but he has learned so much. I am so grateful that we are such good friends. He is so happy!

I know that the Lord works in mysterious ways. He loves us so much and He gives us challenges and trials throughout our lives so that we can come to Him. The Lord doesn't give us anything that we cannot accomplish. We grow strong and gain knowledge and experience through our trials. We are all His children and he knows exactly what we need to reach our full potential.

Good luck Buddy :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

See ya in 2 years Buddy :)

Ready to go! See ya!

Bye Family! One last look back

I'm ready!

One last Good-Bye

One last good-bye for awhile!
I miss you buddy!

Families are Forever!

Preston's wonderful Family!

Gary Wood (My dad) hugging Preston after he was set a part!

Preston with President Davies